What is NOA?

If you need an individualized, unique, and flexible way to learn - Join us next school year!

Our Northshore School District School Teachers provide a caring and supportive environment to meet your individual needs.


Additionally, families must fill out a Choice Transfer Request (Out of District Students) or an In District Waiver (In District Students).  These are a requirement for enrollment in the Northshore School District.

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The Northshore Online Academy is a 1st-12th grade program for families who choose to learn in an online learning environment as a part of the Northshore School District's Alternative Learning Experience choice school options. All of our programs have special education, 504, and ELD services to support our students.  

Elementary NOA:  Our elementary program serves students in grades 1st thru 6th.  Students will attend a team meeting with their teacher and have a flexible schedule throughout the day.  This can include:  collaborative help in Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science with your teacher, 1:1 support with your teacher, small groups or sessions if your student is in the Special Education program, opportunities to socialize online with your peers.  Elementary NOA teachers are Northshore School District Certificated Teachers and use Northshore district curriculum. 

Secondary NOA:  Our secondary program serves students in grades 7th thru 12th.  A  mentor teacher, who is a Northshore School District Certificated teacher will provide support for students and their families.  Classes are taught by Edgenuity Instructional Services.  Students are required to attend their mentor meeting once a week and make two way weekly contact with their mentor teacher.  NOA Secondary is a highly individualized school program, students do need to make monthly progress to remain within the program. We do offer Advanced Placement courses and core academic courses are aligned to Northshore School District. 

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Predictable yet flexible daily schedules:


Elementary Schedule:


Secondary Schedule: A secondary schedule is more flexible than elementary.  Students need to attend their Monday Mentor meeting and make two way contact with their mentor teacher. To stay on track and make progress, work with your mentor teacher to create a schedule that works for you.  For example, you may block your classes by working on 3 a day and then alternating with the other 3 the next day.  On Friday or Wednesday maybe you do all 6.  Some students do math and ELA every day and rotate between their other classes.  The combinations are endless as long as you are making progress and completing your courses on time. 

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Elementary: Teachers use a variety of Northshore School District adopted curriculum to teach students.  Teachers attend training through the district on this curriculum.  They use a variety of online best practices to support student and social emotional learning. 

Secondary: Imagine Edgenuity Learning core academic courses are aligned with our Northshore School District curriculum.  Imagine Edgenuity has built in support tools such as close-captioning, translation tools, ability to have instructions read aloud in a home language, e-notes and guided notes to support student learning. 

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 Northshore School District teacher support


Elementary:  Your student will be taught by Northshore certificated teachers.  Our teachers are experienced online teachers who use a variety of best practices to support students.  This includes morning meetings to build relationships, small groups, collaboration with peers, and 1:1 support with any student/family that makes this request.  The schedule is flexible, but extremely supportive. 

Secondary:  Your student has 3 levels of support: Your mentor teacher, your Imagine Edgenuity teacher, and a robust system of tutoring support which includes the weekends.  If your student in the special education or English Language Development program, they will have an additional level of support.  Your mentor teacher along with your Edgenuity teachers will communicate with their students and families frequently to support.  Students can make appointments to meet 1:1 with their Edgenuity teacher and their mentor teacher.  Students in Special Education and/or English Language Development will have small groups and individual time as well. 

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Opportunities for students to engage with peers virtually

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Special services, such as, but not limited to, 504 plans, Special Education, English Learner (EL), and Elementary Advanced Program (EAP)


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