Northshore Family Partnership Program

Black silhouette on a white background of a phoenix with its wings outstretched and the words Northshore Family Partnership
  • Families are the facilitators of learning with the guidance of a certificated teacher
  • Assigned a certificated teacher advisor who assists in your educational plan and offers resources
  • Individualized and Personalized Education Model -> choose your own curriculum / method of instruction.
  • Opportunities for students to attend supplemental enrichment classes on-site (Arts, Book Clubs, Science, Outdoor Ed., P.E., Coding, Kindergarten, Minecraft, Lego, History, Crafts, Geography, etc.)
  • Family contributes monthly summary of learning to the WSLP
  • Access to district curriculum to use, NFP purchased curriculum to borrow, school library, IEP Services
  • Students move through materials at their own pace and focus on topics of interest
  • Small class sizes, max 12 students
NFP Students playing on the playground

Northshore Family Partnership Vision

The Northshore Family Partnership aims to establish an inclusive, supportive community of families that seek an alternative model for learning for their children where parents serve as the primary educators. We envision a place where parents/families collaborate in a true partnership with teachers as they create a learning environment that nurtures peer interactions while participating in meaningful, real-world learning experiences.

Located at the Bear Creek Campus, Northshore Family Partnership is the parent partnership program for the Northshore School District. Our program serves families opting to educate their children at home under the guidance of a certificated teacher. We offer a collaborative culture where Northshore certificated teachers teach engaging courses in partnership with parents/families designed to support a wide variety of students at home learning.

Our school offers a site-based, drop-off model that is designed to support and reach the individual needs of students and families where the parents/guardians serve as primary educators for their children. Opportunities at our school involve inquiry-based learning where students engage in collaborative challenges with a diverse group of their peers. 

Beginning in the 2022-22-3 school year, we will serve students in grades K-8.

Here is the recording of the Information Night hosted on March 8, 2022. In it you can get to know our friendly administrators, some of our brilliant teachers, and get answers to many of our most frequently asked questions. We are looking forward to meeting your family.