NFP Parent Contract

Northshore Family Partnership Parent Contract


I, _______________________(parent/guardian name), parent/guardian of ___________________________________________(student(s) name) understand the following requirements of the Northshore Family Partnership (NFP) as an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) created for families who are instructing students at home:

  • A requirement of this program is that my child(ren) will receive instruction for 28 hours a week that is secular in nature. Time students spent in NFP classes counts toward those hours. _______(initials)

  • I affirm that I, the parent/guardian, am expected to be responsible for my child(ren)’s learning outside of NFP classes for a total of 28 hours. _______(initials)

  • I understand that, as the primary educator of my child(ren) under the guidance of a certificated teacher, I am responsible for my child(ren)’s learning of the foundational skills for all core subjects (math, science, literacy/language arts, social studies) NFP classes will focus on integration and application of those skills. _______(initials)

  • I understand that I will be expected to attend WSLP Planning (Written Student Learning Plan) meetings as scheduled with the certificated teacher. At that initial meeting I am required to develop an academic plan for the school year. _______(initials)

  • I understand the requirement that my child(ren) meet monthly with their advisor to discuss their home learning. _______(initials)

  • I understand that I am responsible for reporting monthly progress, outlining skills, concepts and content standards addressed by at-home learning during the prior month. _______(initials)

  • I understand that failure to adequately document student progress will result in an intervention support plan that increases one-on-one contact with my advisor to once-a-week, in order to assist me for as long as needed. If progress is not made, as outlined in the intervention plan, we will be exited from the program.   _______(initials)

  • I understand that I will be able to access curriculum materials approved by Northshore School District through the NFP program, but ultimately I am responsible for obtaining curriculum and materials for my child(ren)’s at-home education. _______(initials)