What is Northshore Networks?

Student graduates at Northshore Networks

Welcome to the Northshore Networks

We are a choice school in the Northshore School District welcoming diverse students in grades 1-12. Students who attend Northshore Networks experience a high level of teacher support and learning focused on student readiness, talent, interest and personal responsibility.

Our main focus is to help our students realize their academic potential so they meet the graduation requirements for post secondary options. Northshore Networks is a state funded individualized, customized, independent learning program for Northshore students and families as an option to the traditional learning environment.

Contract Learning 

In our Contract Learning program, consulting teachers are skilled in customizing curriculum to match student learning styles and personal needs. During the initial meetings the teacher, parent and student prepare an Education Plan which includes mandatory attendance at weekly consulting and classes.

This individualized plan includes curriculum that will meet our state and district standards. Consulting teachers are able to provide all of the textbooks and materials needed to implement the student’s learning plan. Assignments are given in each subject area weekly. Parents are encouraged to support and guide the learning at home.

Reports & Demographics

We are privileged to offer this quality program option to Northshore students, families, and community.

Thank you for your interest in Northshore Networks.

JD McShane, class of  2022 
Northshore Networks is a school that is rooted in core values of support and care. The staff work hard to help students learn, taking a personalized approach to each student’s education. Teachers and staff take their time to know and understand their students, treating each of us as unique individuals, not numbers. Our continuous achievement is made possible by Network’s small class sizes, flexible schedules, and our one on one teachers.”

Focused Learning Testimonials

Because of this class, I have felt more centered in other classes. I’ve had more time to get school work done, which makes my grade in other classes much better.”

 “It has improved my overall mood for the week. It also helped me with mental health."

I’m a lot more physically active and because of getting all my work done, a lot more relaxed.”

It’s made me more open to talking to people I don’t know, and it’s made me more outgoing."

"I have made a lot of new friends. Not only that but all the students here are very nice and kind.”

Parent Testimonial

The Landrum Family
"From an academics standpoint, Networks is exactly what she and our family has needed, an educational support system that has allowed her to regain confidence in herself, to work independently as a student, all while continuing to learn in a healthy, caring and supportive environment.”