Northshore Learning Options

Bear Creek Elementary surrounded by evergreen trees

Northshore Learning Options is a K-12 ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) school located in Woodinville, Washington and is part of the Northshore School District. Our campus hosts three choice programs for students and families to select from: Northshore Family Partnership, Northshore Networks, and Northshore Online Academy. We recognize the need to offer a spectrum of service models to our families that differ from the comprehensive schools in our district. Our school is part of an enthusiastic community and we welcome and benefit greatly from the many parents and community volunteers who contribute to our school. 

Our Vision

Create an environment where every student can reach their full potential and in doing so, create a better world. 

Mascot and Colors 

Our school colors are blue and green, and our mascot is the bear. The mascot for Northshore Family Partnership it is the phoenix, for Northshore Networks it is a blue heron, and for Northshore Online Academy it is an eagle. 

Reports & Demographics